• Coolbit SKIN sample wearing
  • Coolbit Sample Wearing
  • Coolbit Sample Wearing
  • Coolbit Sample Wearing
Warming Gear neck safety

New Catalog

Coolbit 2012 Catalog is now available for download.

  • Hat and cap ice pack to cooldown temperature

    Cooling pack

    Place frozen packs in pocket for maximum cooling effect

  • Titanium fiber in hat and caps to control temprature of head


    Cool in summer and warm in winter.

  • Micro function antibacterial effect of silver ion

    u Function

    99.7% Antibacterial activity after 200 washings

  • Racing hat comfortable environment inside helmet


    Creates comfortable environment inside helmet

  • Anti UV and cooling effect flaps to protect neck


    Anti UV and cooling effect flaps

  • Neck protection hat while using helmet

    Neck Cooler

    Cooldown neck while using cap or helmet

  • Fashionable scarf for neck protection

    Cool Scarf

    Cooldown neck temprature with fashionable view

  • Children special hat and caps


    Maximum protection for childrens